What Teachers Make

Never forget all the people who helped to get you to where you are now. Those people may be your parents or teachers or friends, but you have them and they have done much for you.

When you fail to understand what an amazing person you are, you are shelving and ignoring all of the gifts they have given you.

Don't chide yourself for that, but do take those gifts down off the shelf. Dust them off and admire them. Maybe you don't really understand what they are to you, even now, but they are yours to keep and you will bring them with you in the future.

Week 4 finished! Again!
So on Monday I tried out Week 5 Column 2 and it was too much for me, so I went back and did Week 4 again. I made it! Will I be able to do week 5 next week? We'll see!

push-ups, down to 65 from 70
I fell off the wagon a bit due mostly to a very full and emotionally exhausting / distracting week.

Finished week 2 of the 100 push-ups challenge, did an exhaustion test (27), ended up in column 3 for Week 3. Didn't wanna be in column 3 because it looked hard!

Pretty much I've put this off for a solid week now. Today I decided I needed to a few sets when the opportunity arose (after my yoga class) even though there's no signal in the basement where the gym is and I couldn't pull up the set #s on my phone. I just thought, I did 70 last time, I'll aim for 20/20/15/15/20 and call it good for today.

I did 20/20/15/10/fall over. 5 less than last time. So, blowing off your primary workout routine for an entire week? Apparently not a good way to get stronger. Just sayin. 65 is still a lot better than zero, though. And a max of 20 is still better (slightly) than where I started.

I keep losing weight, steadily, as a side effect of the exercise (cw: 136). It's kind of ... weird.
At least, I really hope it's from exercise only and not from emotional distractedness making me forget to eat, but I'm pretty sure I've been eating. (Ponders pulled pork sandwich for lunch.) Yup, definitely eating, my usual 2 meals a day plus 4 cups of coffee. ;-)

I think it's definitely better to keep doing *something* rather than stop altogether just because I couldn't quite keep up. I'm going to give myself kudos for that, and also for remembering to eat meals, and occasionally to do yoga and to meditate and to SMILE.

This is your ordinary day! You do this!


This one's for the gamers! You WILL defeat Airman! Don't give up!

a clip from the Planet B-Boy documentary: Ichigeki breaks it down at the International B-Boy Championships. You should be as awesome as these guys.

A Quick Update: Yeah, so I got sick again. I know, I have to work on that. Luckily, I restarted Week 4 on Day 2 of my push-em-ups today, meaning that I can actually go back to a MWF schedule! I've been wanting to do this for weeks.

And now, for something completely different.

I've been realizing that I'm not using quieta_movere enough for its true intended purpose, which is to bolster and uplift. I know I'm not the only person who is in need of this. Because February seems to be such a depressing and down-pulling month for people, especially locally, I've decided to declare the rest of February BOLSTER MONTH here on quieta_movere. This space will be a place where people can post things to uplift, psyche-up, get pumped, and otherwise be awesome.

Here are the rules of BOLSTER MONTH:
  1. BOLSTER MONTH must be typed in ALL CAPS
  2. If you find something SUPER AWESOME that gets you REALLY EXCITED, you should POST IT HERE. PICTURES and MOVIES and MUSIC and QUOTATIONS and SLAM POETRY are all TOTALLY WELCOME.
  3. No being mean to yourself on quieta_movere without saying how you're going to fix it and be awesome!


(yeah, it really is just five and a half minutes of that. You don't have to watch the whole thing.)


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