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zombie_dog wrote in quieta_movere
Hey, is anybody still reading this journal?

I hope so. I've seen a weight increase in myself, lately, that has been creeping along with my failure to maintain strength training.

Well, enough is enough. I feel better about myself when I'm fit, and I also have more access to energy and happiness. It's time for me to do something about it.

My first and most critical effort is that I'm going to record what I eat. I'm not going to try to write down calories or WW points or anything like that -- I just want to write down everything that I eat and drink other than water. I believe that being more aware of my food intake will help me pay attention to my diet and improve it, and that simply writing down food is simple enough that I can convince my psyche to do it with a minimum of fuss.

I plan to ramp up this plan so that it's in full swing by Monday.

Would anyone else like to start an effort to improve their physical or mental well-being? We are in this individually, but we're in it together too.

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i am.

i have signed up for the free gym at work. i intend to start going after my conference next week. we shall see how that goes

Hey! Just found this via your link. I've been thinking about this kind of stuff a lot (like, a LOTalot). Perhaps I will lurk here for a bit.

My most recent thinking has been around the action of 10,000 steps a day. That's like five miles! I feel quite a bit intimidated by this.

Still after my minor successes followed by failures regarding fitness this year, I know I've got to do something different... and know I need to make healthy steps a priority now.

I'm still here.

But I have given myself permission to not stress out about my weight and overall health until I actually get over this cold that's had me flattened for a month. When climbing to the top of the hill stops triggering an asthma attack because I've been draining goop into my lungs all night long, then I go back to the workouts and NerdFitness.

I'm hoping that'll be Monday. :)

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