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BOLSTER MONTH: Fightin' it
zombie_dog wrote in quieta_movere
I jammed my wrist pretty bad on Sunday while moving a queen-sized mattress, so I am taking a week off from push-ups. I'm trying to find alternatives; this morning I did a few reps of 3 pull-ups with some negatives (letting myself down slowly) to help it be more exercisey.

It's been tough. I have been feeling fat, which is silly and unhelpful. Money has been bad. Have had some interpersonal issues.

But life keeps going and I must go with it. I might as well be awesome along the way.

Today's BOLSTER MONTH theme is Reflect, by Maor Levi.

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There are the 200 squats and 200 situp sites, linked from 100 pushups. I was considering doing squats on the days when I wasn't doing the pushups.

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