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actually posting
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redfishie wrote in quieta_movere
I've been watching this community for ages, but I don't think I've posted before now. 

I've been losing weight since last June, mostly by watching my eating habits. I'm primarily using to track food and a bit of exercise.  Its not the best site, but its free and has an app for my phone.

I attempted to start the 100 push up challenge, to discover that just doing 3 pushups, set off rhomboid (*) spasms in my left shoulder; I have some underlying shoulder issues (which in turn cause other problems), so I finally made the appointment with the local sports medicine doctor / shoulder specialist to get a full evaluation and PT.  I'm hopeful that it will help and that it means I can get back to being more physically active.  :D

I'm also a bit worried that it won't, and I'll go through the whole cycle of thinking rehab and PT are working again, only to be quickly injured....
won't know if I don't try though...

(*) Best muscle name ever - its a muscle that's between your shoulder blade and your spine.  Spasms on it are....annoying.

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I’m no expert, but from personal experience, I would suggest that doing pushups, especially according to the 100-pushup plan, would be hard on any upper-body injuries. Even by the second week, in the first column, you’ll be doing 30 pushups on day 3—which is awesome, when you’re succeeding, but probably not the right pace for healing. Anyway, you’re seeing a doc/PT so you’ll get good guidance hopefully. I’ve just seen too many folks recently try to jump back into things after injury (esp. bad ankles) only to get hurt again.

So, I guess I’m just saying, “Glad to see you here!” and trying to encourage you to go more slowly than you think you need to through recovery. As you seem to know, re-injury is much worse than slow progress.

thanks, I didn't realize I was still in recovery...which was the problem. :P

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